Sunday, July 7, 2013

Blogging from New App

I dislike not being able to sleep at night. After only 5 hours of sleep my mind woke me up this a.m. It also kept me up late last night....... 

In the wee hours of the night I've learned that I can blog from my phone---at least that's what the App Store says. 

Check out this incredible Ace Hardware shore in Colstrip MT, pop 2000. The fabric selection is great!!  

Colstrip has almost 30 parks and bicycle paths everywhere. 
I think this is the park with the zip line. That is really fun !

I haven't figured out how to delete a photo so next time i'll have to make sure I like them before I post them, huh?  


Dawn said...

I love what we've seen of Montana! Just wish we could spend more time there. Maybe when my husband retires we'll get back there. We'll forgive the learning curve of the new app....and the pics you don't care for. lol

Anonymous said...

Is Colstrip anywhere near Billings?


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