Saturday, February 8, 2014

Laura's Ladies

My customer, Laura, from Ft. Worth, made these ladies from her grandmother's clothes.  Her workmanship is just outstanding.  According to Laura, she took just one class on applique and I would say she mastered it.  Laura cut out all the fabric behind the ladies dresses to reduce bulk...nice!  I measured once, but now can't remember exactly, but I believe each lady is approximately 12" wide  25" tall.

 Each lady is holding a different object, from a book, to a mirror, to a kitty cat.  They're just so sweet.

Just in case you wonder about me placing my customer's quilts on the floor so I can photograph them, I will share that I always mop the floor immediately prior to doing this.  In this case, I had to hurry out the door and couldn't wait for the floor to completely dry, so I placed a sheet on the tile so the quilt wouldn't become damp.  I never let my dogs near my customer quilts either.  In fact, I don't let them in the studio just in case my customers have allergies.

 I love the way the back looks on this one, don't you?
I used a mere five different ruler templates, two different marking utensils, three different threads, and listened to the entire 17-hour audio version of Catherine by Anya Seton (as well as started a new Louise Penny audiobook).

I sure hope that Laura is happy with this gem - I think it will definitely become a family heirloom.


Karens Quilts, Crows and Cardinals said...

Very beautiful Mary... Love your work and the workmanship on the quilt is just beautiful. Thanks for Sharing!

Michele said...

Wow! That is just fabulous and your quilting sets the off beautifully.

Joan said...

That is beautiful - Love your quilting and what a special quilt that is!

Jazzie said...

Love it, this will be a perfect gift to my grand daughter for she really like colorful quilts and is requesting me to make a new one for her.

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