Tuesday, December 9, 2014

a new obsession?

Yesterday I stumbled upon envelope art which led me to calligraphy and letter arts.  I can't let it go. I find myself perusing Instagram and Pinterest looking for envelope art. Then youtube. Ugh!

I couldn't sleep this morning so I learned how to do this from watching a YouTube video. This was done using a pencil. Now I want to go get some calligraphy pens!  


jean wilson said...

Welcome to the world of lettering. Lettering will dovetail nicely with your quilting. There are so many opportunities to put lettering on quilts. Even if you do not put any words or names on your quilts, you will still enjoy making fun envelopes for birthdays or thank you notes. Mail art, like quilts, will never go out of style. They are both activities that take a little time, but the effort you put into either one is always appreciated. I'm glad our paths have crossed. Thanks for leaving a comment on my blog.

Unknown said...
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