Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Why I am Addicted to Fabric #3 and What I've Been Doing When Not Quilting

Yep, I'm addicted to plain fabric, too.  With plain fabric I can make wholecloths.  His is is an old one I made six or so years ago, but I've been drawing up a storm and planning a new one.  I'm not ready to post pictures of my drawings yet, but will share when I can.  The first picture is one side, and I didn't take good pictures after it was bound, for some reason...
This picture is of the other side, and it is a pale green.  

So with this addiction to fabric, I can transfer my drawings to fabric and stitch it out on my longarm.  I change my mind frequently as to which part of the process of quilt making is my favorite; piecing, designing, machine quilting, and cutting.  

Here is a closeup of my stitching, which I see six years later, leaves a lot of room for improvement.  Hmmm...maybe I need to just make a replica of this and it will show how I have improved?

And what have I been doing when not quilting?  Boating!  Here is our old boat that still runs great.  Dean and I had a great time.

Well thanks for stopping by and looking!


What Comes Next? said...

It is a lovely wholecloth quilt. I'm working on a design at the moment, too. Love how the quilting is the focal point in these. Your boat picture brings back many happy summer memories of growing up on a lake - thank you!

Unknown said...

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Vicki in MN said...

I love your whole cloth quilt! I think that was before I knew you so I am so glad you showed it again! Another thing we have in common-we love to boat too :-)


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