Sunday, June 12, 2011

My New Sewing Machine!!

I am thrilled.  I just "won" this on ebay.  Dean just laughed when I told him that - I "won" it.  haha  That's what they tell you when you've bid more than anyone else for that item.  I hope I'm truly a winner, and not a fool.  I've been thinking about getting a featherweight for quite some time.  I keep an $80 machine at our condo in AZ and it makes so much noise it drives everyone crazy.  When I got out my old Singer 99 (circa 1925) and started sewing with it again, it was bliss.  It's quiet, every stitch is perfect, and I love it.  So....  I thought, hmmm, I need a littler one to take to AZ and to our Loose Threads meetings and, ya know, just to look at.  They're so cute!  Th
Is machine is a Singer Featherweight 221' made in 1935. It weighs 11 pounds. I should get it in 4-5 days.  Keep your fingers crossed that I got a good one. 


Beth in AZ said...

Be careful! I just purchased my SECOND one! ROTLF! It was posted on Craigslist..and I almost felt like I could not just 'leave it there!" ( like finding a lost kitten or something!) Where do you visit when you are in Arizona? I'm in Glendale but my small group meets at Quiltz (just off the 51 at Thunderbird)

Elaine said...

I got a 1947 (my birth year) about 6 months ago-I love it! I have a Babylock and it is a beast to haul. This fits on a table nicely with lots of room. I bet you are loving yours by now.


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