Thursday, June 30, 2011

Wholecloth.....lessons learned #2

The wholecloth is coming along quite nicely.  Here's a couple more lessons I've learned along the way:
1)  Use a spiral eye needle when burying threads.  (I just ordered mine and am saving my burying until they are received.
2)  Wear your glasses when stitching pebbles. 
3)  Sit down on a chair, stool, or something when stitching those pebbles.
4)  Match the thread color to the fabric.  (Have I said that enough?)
5)  Do not attempt to stitch pebbles after consuming wine.

Stay posted for the finished product!


Desley said...

It sure is looking beautiful. What is a spiral eye needle?

Lynn Douglass said...

It's looking quite fabulous! Can't wait to see the finished quilt!

Joan said...

I do like your whole cloth - its beautiful!

debbiet said...

Wondering what size spiral needle or needles you have ordered.
Heard good stuff about them, but don't have a clue what size to order


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