Wednesday, July 13, 2011

Decision Making for Indecisive People Like Me

I'm much better at following patterns than creating my own.

Imagine being me...  you go to bed and envision tomorrow's quilting plan.  You are pretty sure what you want to do with your next quilt. 
You export a picture of it from your camera to your laptop or Ipad,
you draw on it with a drawing program and a stylus,
and then you bring out your plexiglass and dry erase markers, lay them over the quilt, you work out different scenarios for each section,
you ask the experts at MQR for their advice,
you get excited,
you start quilting,
you wonder,
you quilt some more,
you question yourself and your thread choices,
you remove stitches,
you quilt some more,
you remove stitches,
you change thread colors,
you quilt more,
and DAG NAB IT, that dang indecisiveness has gone far beyond "creeping in" - it has taken hold of your head and you are frozen - you can't decide if your quilting decisions are right,
so you clean the kitchen,
you eat a snack,
you check out a couple blogs,
you want to remove the quilt from the frame and work on something else.

Here is a solution that I just came up with this morning...

I slow the speed of the machine WAAAAY down, and quickly "draw" out something on the machine.  It's not permanent.  It can be easily removed.  You can really see what your plan will look like on the fabric. 

I wish I would have thought of this earlier before I stitched eight squares...  Oh well, once again I am friends with the seam ripper and tweezers.  I guess I'm a glutton for punishment too.


Desley said...

You are right - sometimes you just don't know what it is going to look like until you quilt it. By the way I like the design you have done in the black square. I am looking forward to seeing the completed quilt.

Elaine said...

THat is such a good idea. I'm going through that right now with a quilt I'm still sewing, but know I want to do something nice on it. I think I'll do your plan. THank you.


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