Monday, March 19, 2012

No, It's Not Christmas.... and more Weekly Inspiration

We finally got some snow!  I would guess about 10 inches!  Yep!  Milwaukee had 80 degrees, and we got snow.  Gotta love it!  We sure needed it, too.  I love the weather here.  We get about 3-4 snow storms a year.  Just enough to play in it, and have some fun, but not the drudgery of every day cold and snow.  It usually lasts just 3-4 days because it is so sunny here. 

No, it is not Christmas, but it does seem a bit confusing doesn't it?  Christmas fabrics and snow?

I am really working hard to finish up some UFOs this year.  This table runner was made by my mom about 25 years ago.  It was never quilted.  She turned the top and back right sides together and stitched it up, and then turned it right side out.  I haven't had it out for many years because the colors had gone out of style.  Well, as you know, that bright green and red are so popular lately.  So I brought it out this year, but just felt that it needed some quilting.  I really love it now. 

And here is a picture of a couple birds getting some breakfast at my house this morning.  There were actually about 30 or so little ones, but when I walked over to the window, of course they were outta here!  We had a large covey of quail, too, but they didn't even wait until I got to the window.

This week I feel like highlighting two quilting bloggers who not only do some great quilting, but I can usually count on them to let me know that someone is reading my!!  The quilts they work on are very similar to quilts that I see a lot of here, too, so I get great ideas from them!

Keeping it on the western side of the country this week...  Check out Teresa's blog at  and Karen's blog at **laugh yourself into stitches** 


Teresa Silva said...

Mary, thank you so much for the lovely comment. I love to read your blog too. You give me lots of inspiration and I love how you quilted that cute little table runner. How fun to have something your Mom made to make more special.

Unknown said...

Gosh Mary, that is so kind, thoughtful and humbling. I love reading your blog, dissecting your quilting for inspiration and getting to know you.
thank you!...and keeping it out West is great!! I love following Teresa too. maybe we will meet up some day. It's so fun to meet others that share the same passion.
:) karen

Robinson said...

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