Monday, March 5, 2012

Weekly inspiration...and more placemats

I am hoping to highlight a couple bloggers each week that really inspire me. Maybe they already inspire you, or are new to you? In any case, check out Leslie's blog for some beautiful embellishments and photography:  Leslie has some incredible photography skills, and coupled with her talent for art quilting, it is a dynamic duo. 

Many of you probably already follow Linda, but her work is new to me. I cannot believe that she has only had a long arm since 2011.  A recent quilt that I admire is her swoon quilt.  I love how she did the borders:

Lastly, my daughter made these placemats for my parents, I quilted them, and my mom is doing the hand stitching on the binding. It's a three-generation project!  We clipped the corners because their table is round.  They look good, but eight corners on each of six placemats was really time consuming.   


MarveLes Art Studios said...

8 corners - a bit of a bummer! I did post some tutorials on the blog, just search box for 'placemats' (I used a fused binding cut with a wavy rotary cutter) and I also use a couching foot, with a small narrow zig zag... couching a cord in the ditch, as the zig zag catches the binding on the back. Easy! Fast, and Beautiful!

Linda said...

Thanks so much, Mary!! Wow. What a nice surprise. You are so kind! :-)


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