Monday, March 11, 2013

Repurposing a Baby Sling Into a Quilt

Christina made this super cute quilt from fabric that was once her baby daughter's sling.  I think this is Amy Butler fabric.  If I remember correctly, she didn't use the sling all too often, and I suggested that she repurpose the fabric to make a quilt.   

I had tons of thread tension issues.  I tried out a spool of Decobob thread by Wonderfil, and after hours of struggling and frogging, I gave up and went back to Glide.  I do love Glide, but it is so much thicker than the 80 weight Wonderfil thread.  I love the way you can just see the texture with Decobob or Invisifil, but not the  thread.  I won't give up - I will keep trying.  

I would consider this medium custom as I did SID around the pink strips.  

 My granddaughter and grandson had been laying on the quilt - can you spot his 'drill' in the picture?  He spent most of this weekend drilling everything in sight - I am surprised that the batteries are still good.

Here is my granddaughter - it was her sling that was repurposed, and I believe she will be the recipient of this quilt.The green looks really washed out in the picture below, but it is a lime green - closer to what you see with my granddaughter in the picture.


Vicki in MN said...

You and Amy both did an awesome job on this! Way to go repurposing :-)

Linda said...

Everything is new again!!! BEAUTIFUL quilting!!!! Looks like it will be a well loved quilt.

Mina said...

Wow, this really looks great!

Unknown said...

Thanks Mary for visiting my blog and your kind words. I couldn't find your email I am. Your quilting is stunning and I love to follow your blog.


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