Friday, January 18, 2013


 I made this top a couple years ago, and just this week finally got it quilted!

I used one of my favorite and most used go-to designs from Patsy Thompson.  I love Patsy's free motion quilting, and best of all, she posts it free for us to print and practice!  I have been using her quilting designs for several years now, and they are just fun!

  My daughter gave me the jelly roll, and I used amandajean's free pattern

I will be keeping this quilt to snuggle under on movie nights.  I wanted to keep it simple and soft, just like the fabrics.


Diane said...

oh I really like that. woo-hoo on a finish!!

SeeingStars said...

If anyone is looking for the downloads from Patsy Thompson's website, look under the Education tab.

I like the quilting design you used for this quilt!


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