Sunday, January 6, 2013

What's Cuter than an American Girl Bed & Quilt? and a bunch of other stuff

Isn't this so stinkin' cute?!?  My daughter,, made this bed and quilt, and of course, I did the quilting.  

It has been a busy Christmas here in California.  My first Christmas season without my mom, so thank goodness I had my immediate family around me to help.

Just the girls here... all three of us showed up in long black sweaters and tall boots!  Great minds think alike!

Here are the "girls" play-fighting just like they were 10 and 12.

One of my fabulous Christmas presents.  Christina found this old church pew and revived it.  What a surprise.  I love it!

Christmas morning...  she loves her American Girl doll and bed,
 a close up of the quilting...

I was trying to get a new photo for my online community since I am now three years older and quite a bit fatter than the last picture.  WHAT HAPPENED TO MY EYEBROWS?!?  I think they are now on my chin!

This is what my entry looks like now with my new church pew.  Love it!

My other incredible Christmas gift from Amelia and family...  Yep, a kitchenaide!  Making whipped cream!  Love it too!  I had to use it Christmas day.


MariQuilts said...

That little bed and quilt is adorable, and I love the church pew.

Vicki in MN said...

OMG-I love that bed and quilt!! But then I never grew up-I still like dolls, LOL Guess that is why I still make doll clothes-an excuse to try them on the dolls, haha

Unknown said...

Hi are beautiful and have so many beautiful girls in your life! I'm glad you were surrounded with your family this Christmas. It has to be hard without your mom. I know what you're saying about eyebrows on your chin! ha ha ha!! I only have sons and i've already told them my biggest fear is not seeing those pesky they better help me out! My best to you in 2013! ~karen the church bench!


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