Thursday, January 5, 2012

...a bit of travel...not much quilting

I received a camera from my windfarmer for Christmas.  With no longarm to quilt with, I am playing with my camera.  I have soooo much to learn.  I have learned that I want a new lens, something with a lower aperture number, and bigger zoom.  I need to sell my Minolta lenses now. 

We are in Utah now.  This is a view of the lake from just above our place.  We have a great view, too, just not one with snow in the foreground.  We came here to ski, but we've only got a 24" base!  So unusual for Utah in January!

Today we went for a ride to Pocatello Idaho to one of our favorite restaurants, Buddy's.  It is near Idaho State University.  On the way, we came across some wild turkeys.  This is a first for me.  Love the barn in the background, don't you? 

 And finally, on our way home, I was able to get my windfarmer to stop the car long enough for me to shoot three pics of the sunset.  Love it! 


Furball Farm Quilting said...

Wow, your really grasping the ability to capture a good pic. These look fantastic, and I like the barn as well !! Great pics!

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