Saturday, December 11, 2010

A Home of the Brave Quilt

Home of the Brave is an organization which makes quilts to be presented to the families of soldiers who have died while on active duty.  The quilts are replicas of Civil War sanitation blankets.  My organization is based where I live in California, and our coordinator presents these quilts to families in Orange County, San Diego County, and Kern County. 

 One woman will piece the top, another will machine quilt it together, and a third will bind the quilt.  I have quilted four so far, and just received a fifth.  It is an honor for me to do this, and while I am quilting the quilt, I am thinking of the family and the soldier.  It makes me so thankful for what I have in my life, as well as thankful that I live in the United States.  I truly appreciate the members of the armed forces for their sacrifices to all of us who call ourselves Americans. 

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