Saturday, October 6, 2012

Remembering My Mom

My mom passed away two weeks ago from leukemia. She was 85 years old, and would have celebrated her 64th anniversary with my dad on October 2.

She had the best sense of humor. Being around her reminded you to lighten up, because she always found humor in her daily life.

I hope to be half as thoughtful as she was, never forgetting a birthday or anniversary, and we had a large family. She was the type of person who after spending some time with you, would go out and pick up little things that she noticed you needed, or would make your life easier. When they visited, I knew that when I returned home from work I would find my house cleaner and more organized than I had left it.

My mom was adventurous. Although her family had no money, she worked through high school so she could ride a horse at a stable once per week. My mother moved across the country several times and considered it an adventure. My mom traveled to all 50 states, and 11 foreign countries. She took downhill ski lessons at the age of 52 and rode in a hot air balloon when she was 78.

My mom taught me how to sew at age 8, and it was seeing her Quilt in a Day Log Cabin quilts that motivated me to become passionate about this art. For quite a few years I would save my unbound quilts for her to hand stitch.

I didn't get to live near my mom for most of my adult life, but always felt very close to her, and called her frequently for advice, instruction, and recipes.

I will be trying to comfort my dad as much as I can, and hope to get him to come to stay with us, at least on a temporary basis. I will be holding onto all the great memories I have of my mom in the years to come.

This is her favorite quote:

May You Have...
Vision to See, Faith to Believe, Courage to Do, Heart to Love


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