Saturday, September 19, 2015

Graffiti Quilting and OMG Quilt - Red Dot Rebel

I've been on fire with graffiti quilting!  It has been so liberating - no rulers, no plans, just stitching!

I found a fun group on Facebook run by Helen Godden (google her, you will love her work) and the challenge is to make an OMG quilt (organic, modern, graphic).  I finally found the time to take up her challenge and submitted this as well as my earlier piece.  This one met the guidelines and was inducted into the OMG Order of Creation as #53!

I can't wait to get back to my machine so I can do more graffiti quilting.  In case you are not familiar with this type of free motion quilting, Google Karlee Porter!

Tuesday, September 15, 2015

Out of My Box Design and Graffiti Quilting

Well just in case you haven't seen this yet... And I don't know how that could happen as I've blitzed FB and IG with is my latest hair brained scheme. Tried hand appliqué methods and graffiti quilting for the first time. I definitely found an appliqué method I prefer - with stiff paper like cereal boxes or file folders, and starch and an iron.  I like the crispness it gives the edges.  Of course I can't use that with tiny pieces like leaves or stems, but for this size, it worked great.  

I loved graffiti quilting!  Thank you Karlee Porter!  It was so liberating.  I didn't mark or plan at all.

I'm already planning another...

Thanks for stopping by!


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