Tuesday, September 20, 2011

I Want to Keep These!

I am really pleased with the way these look completed.  If you read my earlier posts, I taught myself how to design and create this triptych.  It helped to find these beautiful fabrics in a local quilt shop, and the blog posts that I read with tips.  These are 48" tall, and the center is 37.5" wide, and the narrower outside panels are 19.5" wide. 

They depict the desert hills and wind turbines near Mojave, CA where my husband works.  They are on their way to his office right now. 

I stitched black fabric all the way around, similar to a binding, and then pulled the black around the wooden frame that my husband made, and then finally taped them on with duct tape. 

Do you know of an appraiser who specializes in landscapes?  Would I just contact a quilt appraiser?  I may need to get these appraised before I start my second set.

Sunday, September 18, 2011

Introducing the Newest Quilter in the Family

My daughter Christina just started quilting and this is the first quilt she made.  She wanted to do it from start to finish, so I let her use my longarm to quilt it herself.  Here she is with my newest grandchild, Landon Thomas.  He loves to 'hang out' with mom while she is longarming! 

And here is two-month old Landon kicking up his heels and enjoying his new quilt
made entirely by his mom! 

PS - Don't you love the name Landon?  We do!  Our last name is Landon so it has special significance. 

Sunday, September 11, 2011


I have finished on two parts of the triptych, so I guess right now it's a diptych!  I'm thinking that I want the sky to have a "windy" feel to it, any ideas on how I can achieve that?  I think I want to add some texture to the orange poppy area...

Dye Candy: Dye Candy Fabric Giveaway & Fresh Fabrics

Dye Candy: Dye Candy Fabric Giveaway & Fresh Fabrics

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Saturday, September 10, 2011

I'm Making a Landscape Quilt Triptych

I have never taken a class or studied books about landscape quilts.  This may be a BIG waste of time and money, but I am determined to create this tryptich for my husband's new office.  He is a windfarmer, and has lots of blank walls which probably need some sound reduction. 

I made a rough drawing, and from this, I've got this very rough base of a landscape. I have basted the blue batik until I get the rest of the fabric I need.  I will be doing lots of embellishing, and obviously will be placing wind turbines on it!  Can you believe I purchased this beautiful batik fabric, but forgot to get some gray for the turbines.  I plan to paint the side of the turbines to replicate shading. 
 Here are a few pictures that I am using as a reference.  I just received the picture with the poppies from my friend Carolyn, so I quickly changed my plan to add poppies.  Note the wild horses in the second photo on the right -- I hope to include a couple horses in one of the quilts, too.

 Here is a closeup photo.  Any suggestions of how I should quilt this?  I plan on purchasing some neat embellishments tomorrow.

Tuesday, September 6, 2011

Naomi's Carpenter Star

Angi made this for her daughter, Naomi.  I love the fabrics and colors she chose.  I wonder if Naomi's home is done in greens and browns... When I am quilting, I often think of the piecer and/or recipient.  Think, in terms of their lives, their interests, their futures, their jobs, etc.  Sometimes I turn off all sound when I am longarming.  This quilt reminds me of a grassy meadow and pine trees...  soothing.    I know Naomi lives in a huge city, quite far from a mountain meadow, but maybe she really loves pine trees and meadows?  

Longarmers, do you ever think about who will receive the quilt that you are quilting? 


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