Sunday, February 15, 2015

Modern Quilting

My friend Angi made this fun one.  It was 41x51 (if I remember correctly) and she asked for modern quilting.  I tried to keep this on the lower end of my pricing chart, so I stayed away from rulers, SID, and any type of marking.  It was really a fun one to do.  Here is a close up:

Here is a pic of the back...

And one of the full quilt.

Thursday, February 12, 2015

Swirly Tablerunner

This was really a fun little project to do.  It's another little table runner made by Christina and I felt like doing swirls.  I have instructed her to do the SID between the little white border and the body of the piece - that's so I didn't have to add my ruler plate and change threads, etc.  

The back of this one deserved its own picture.

Wednesday, February 11, 2015


My daughter made this table runner a long, long time ago, and I just unearthed it from the 'to be quilted' stack.  I have been waiting for the right piece to do straight line quilting.  I wish I had electric channel locks, but I put  in a few extra steps by walking around the machine to place the grips on the wheels for the poor man's version of channel locks.  Then I realized I could just stitch it from the same side as the grips! Ha!

Thanks for stopping by.  I'll have another one of her table runners posted in a day or two.

Monday, February 9, 2015

Repairing Scratched Pier 1 Wicker Chairs

Well this is not quilting related, but I thought I would post a follow up to a post I wrote a year or so ago.  The post was about my wicker chairs and what can I do to repair them.

The chair on the left is repaired. 

 Fast-forward one or two years and this is the result   I finally did it!  I am really really pleased with the outcome.  I just used furniture wood stain. That is it. I cannot believe that there are no other posts about how to repair wicker chairs on the Internet and trust me I did a lot of research.  

Closeup of un-repaired chair. 

Not one article mentioned furniture wood stain. Pier 1 had no suggestions for me   On these particular chairs I used cherry. 

Both chairs repaired. I think I'll celebrate by buying new cushions from Pier 1!

Thursday, February 5, 2015

Are you an Over-Analyzer or a Nike Just-Do-It Type?

I am an over-analyzer.  I don't want to be.  I know there are advantages to all that research.  I probably get better prices on airfare and hotels than most.  Maybe my appliances last longer, too, because I buy a better made version.  Or, maybe it's all in my head and I just think I am getting a better deal.  

Whatever the real answer is, being an over-analyzer means it takes me more time to finish a project because it takes so much more time to start one.  For example, take this adorable little wall hanging that belongs to Peggy.  I looked at this for days deciding how I would quilt it.  It didn't help that it is the first customer quilt I have started in almost six months.  

Finally, my just-do-it brain just took over and my years of practice and experience helped, and my needle just flowed over this top.  It felt so good.  

Not too much quilting, I think it's just right.  Would you have stitched over the snowman's face?  Let me know.  I couldn't.


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