Tuesday, December 9, 2014

a new obsession?

Yesterday I stumbled upon envelope art which led me to calligraphy and letter arts.  I can't let it go. I find myself perusing Instagram and Pinterest looking for envelope art. Then youtube. Ugh!

I couldn't sleep this morning so I learned how to do this from watching a YouTube video. This was done using a pencil. Now I want to go get some calligraphy pens!  

Wednesday, December 3, 2014

Great Paper Piecing Tip

I learned this tip from my friend, Angi, and thought I'd share with you. 

f you fiold the paper on the line and trim before you stitch, it makes it so much easier to line up the next fabric piece. 

Fold paper on line between 1 and 2. 
Place fabric on back of paper. 
Fold paper back and trim 1/4' away. 
Place fabric 2 right sides together with 1. 
Turn paper to front and stitch. 

Continue on.

 I hope this makes sense. 


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