Friday, December 20, 2013


Christina made this for a challenge -- it was part of a batik exchange.  She left me lots of open space to have fun. This wallhanging is 36" square.  I really did have fun with it, and learned a few lessons along the way, too.  I am so glad I used the purple contrasting thread on the ghost trapezoids.  It's so hard to know how things will turn out, and I have really been trying not to do so much frogging.

Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Tea Party Meets Feathers

This is Carolyn's sweet quilt, and it has a beautiful story.  Carolyn's mother made the center blocks before she passed away.  Carolyn added to the blocks and finished the top to give to her sister as a Christmas gift.  I tried to keep a unified theme from border to border and not add too many different motifs.  I used Glide thread and Hobbs 80/20 batting.

 I love it when you can actually see your work from the back, don't you?

Sunday, December 1, 2013

Simple and Sweet

I just finished this sweet quilt for a customer.  She made it for her daughter.  I really enjoyed myself doing this one... not one issue or thread break, ahhhhhhh, and I just got to do some really fun quilting.

and here's the view from the back...

I have been so busy with customer quilts, and travel.  We just returned from Montana where we visited our little grands and their parents.  It was wonderful!

I was so busy before we left that I forgot to take pictures of two more customer quilts I finished.  Looking forward to Christmas and more relaxation...

Are you making tons of quilty things for Christmas?  Do you think you'll get them all done?  Last year I over-extended myself... I made quite a few aprons for family and friends, and then made quilty gifts, too.  I always think I can do some last minute gift making and it just makes me crazy.  I am vowing not to do it this year....  Hopefully I will listen to myself...  :)


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