Saturday, December 17, 2011

How do you label your quilts?

I inherited a stack of quilts from my husband's family, and unfortunately none of the quilts have labels.  I had one of these family quilts appraised and it was assumed to be made approximately 1900, but I don't know who made it.  This reeaaaally bothers me - us quilters know how much love and effort goes into making a quilt! 

It would be so nice to keep this information permanently with the quilt, for all generations.  I have told myself that I will always send a quilt out the door with a label, but have not been 100% successful, probably not 50% successful.

I thought I found a solution...  I planned on blogging about it here... until I tried washing the label and the ink faded.  I heat-set the ink, too.  It may be my ink cartridge, and I would be willing to purchase a different type if that would set it permanently.

How do you label your quilts?  Do you label them?  I'd love to hear your method.  Thanks!

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