Thursday, August 16, 2012

I am Quilting a Triple Irish Chain

I have finally been able to get to my machine and although I feel like I have spent as much time removing stitches as I have been making them, it has been enjoyable.  I completed about 80% of the cc'ing in the dark squares when I realized that about 40% of them had bad tension on the back.  I think it happened when I changed bobbins and I must have had something in the spring.  At least ripping stitches from loose tension is easy, right?

Anyway, my plan is to cc all the dark squares, and then stitch out a beautiful stencil pattern in the white.  I got the stencil from Cheryl in Washington.  I am not sure how I will do the lighter borders.  Definitely feathers in the dark border.

I basted the quilt while I was stitching the cc's.  As I skipped over the big white sections, I changed the speed and moved over to the next section.  I hope I will happy that I basted it this way.  I am not burying threads on this one.  It is mine, and the back is so busy nothing will be visible.  

I am using Constatine Quilts No Frills cc ruler for the cc'ing.  It really makes it easy.

Lastly, here is a sneak peak at the commissioned quilt that I worked on this summer.  I did a really fun allover on it.  

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