Saturday, December 22, 2012

Lil Twister Quilt

 Christina made this, and I think it is so cute!  I love the fabrics.  I would hang it up long after Christmas.  These fabrics don't shout Christmas, and I love the subtlety.
Here is a close up of what I did in the border - quick and easy.
 I did some simple cc'ing in the twists, and I'm not sure what the background fill is called.  It quilted up so quick.

The back looks great, too, doesn't it?



Furball Farm Quilting said...

It looks lovely.......... sometimes I fall more in love with the reverse of the quilts,........ it must be the "machine quilter" in me! Enjoy the Christmas and New Year Mary...... see you in the New Year

Unknown said...

looks awesome Mary!!! Have a very Merry Christmas!

Marie said...

What a perfect application for that block - so cute! Merry Christmas!


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