Saturday, April 13, 2013

Miles from Anywhere in Utah

On the very edge of Utah, very near the Wyoming border, sits this abandoned home.  We drive past it every time we go to our place in Utah, and it never ceases to pique my interest.  What was their life like?  Solitary. Hard.  Adventurous.  and ???

How old is this home?  1840?  1880?  1900?  I would love to know.

Obviously they were ranchers.  Maybe they had a neighbor a mile or so away at one point in time.  

 Did she make quilts in this home?
 I think the builder did a great job - this one doesn't appear to be leaning much at all.  I couldn't get any closer.  It was completely fenced from the Hwy.
Don't you just love rainbows!  I couldn't resist catching this one.  I tried to use the panoramic feature on my iphone but for some reason it wouldn't comply.


Vicki in MN said...

Wish I were there and we could go explore the house together!! Wouldn't cha just love to have seen in their day, kinda like little house on the prairie.
Imagine if those people saw how we live today!

Little House Creations said...

Utah is one of my favorite places . . . so much to experience - and such a spiritual state - from the Red Rock to these quaint old wooden homes . . . so much to wonder about!


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