Wednesday, October 9, 2013

String Quilt - Post a Link to Your String!

The problem with quilting for customers is that I want to make so many of the quilts that I'm working on.  I have a shelf of projects I want to make, and a few UFOs, so I don't need more to do... but I just love scrap quilts.  This one was made by Cathy, and she used muslin squares. 

Have you made a string quilt?  Do you want to comment here with a link to your quilt?  I'd love to see it!  

 This one did have some fullness since it was backed, and I'm not sure how to avoid that.  I quilted swirls from the front rather than a panto so I could really have a handle on any fullness.  I love how it turned out.
  I am thinking that I need to make a couple of these at my three-day retreat in November.  I've seen a couple online that are must-do's.  One is with black stars in the centers and bright strips, and then I think I need to make one like this - just scrappy.  Would you be willing to share the technique you used?


Anonymous said...

Last spring, I finished a quilt that was string pieced by my husbands grandmother. Here is the link:

I look forward to seeing others' string quilts!

Michele said...

Yes it is great and makes me want to make a string quilt too.

Furball Farm Quilting said...

I love scrappy quilts........ something very comforting about these beauties. I love this one and can see why your tempted to try it out.

Elaine/Muddling Through said...

I've made several. This is one:
I have been sewing my strings to a muslin foundation piece, but my friend Millie at Millie's Quilting says she uses old sheets for foundations - softer and thinner than muslin. And some people use paper. Mary Johnson has some good advice and free patterns at her site, too:

I really like how you've quilted this one. Is it a polyester batting? It really shows your stitching!


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