Saturday, November 7, 2015

Picasso, Matisse, and MOMA

When I so fortunately was given the liberty to wander the streets of Manhattan, I decided to peruse MOMA, Museum of Modern Art, for the first time.  On previous trips, I toured the other grand New York Museums.  Overwhelming to say the least.  I have little appreciation for modern art, but I'm so glad I went.  These are a few of my favorites and I apologize for not taking note of each artist's name.

Of course, I frequently think which elements could be used in a quilt.

Is it the shapes, the colors, the emotions?

I have never taken any art classes in history or appreciation, or even practical.  Two years ago I told myself I would get a bachelors degree in art, but I am questioning that now,  between grandkids, and travel, and quilting, and learning the guitar, I'm so busy!  
I think one might have some interesting conversations with these questions.

I've always loved this piece above, but didn't realize it was considered modern.  By Andrew 

Pablo Picasso.  His metal sculptures are on exhibit for a few months.

I did learn quite a bit about modern art while I was there.  I learned about cubism, and the history of modern art.  

Thanks so much for stopping by my blog and sharing s bit about my life!  I WILL have some quilty pictures soon!!

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Carole @ Fresh off the Frame said...

What a wonderful opportunity to recharge your creative batteries! *Sigh* I love a day of wandering and wondering.


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