Monday, December 7, 2015

Crayon Practice

When I saw Judi Madsen's Bohemian quilt, I knew it would be a perfect layout for some blocks that I had won in a block exchange with friends.  Of course, I knew I would be using many, many of her quilting ideas as well.  She is so talented.  So here it is, Crayon Practice.  My quilting was a lot of practice in ruler work, SID, and just plain custom quilting.

I love the way the texture shows in the sun.

I think my favorite part of the quilt is this little blue border.

I think this quilt will spend most of its time on this wall in our bedroom.  

Here is a shot of the quilt on the quilt hanger my dad made, and in the cabinet below, are some of the quilts I inherited from my husband's family.  


Judy Cooper Textile Artist said...

Love the quilting you did on this quilt. Colours are nice & bright, which I also like. Thanks for sharing.

Nicole said...

Absolutely stunning! What a joy it will be to see it on the wall each day!

Vicki in MN said...

It was worth every stitch you put into it, so beautiful!

Jasmine said...

Your quilting is gorgeous. I love seeing it displayed in both places.

Michele said...

That is just gorgeous. I love the designs that you used for it.


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