Thursday, March 17, 2016

Art Quilt Fun and A Book Review

I took Barbara Olson's class about six weeks ago on creativity and we all made her Wild Child quilt. 

Choosing the fabrics was hard for me. I think I left the class with the least amount of work completed. I came home and changed out several fabrics and then started in on My quilting plan. 

I really need to remember to draw these things out in graph paper before jumping in. I stitched and removed the entire border as well as some leaves I had stitched in. 

After getting advice and critiques from my online friends I followed some of their advice and also conjured up some of my own creative twists. I am loving dabbling in the art quilt world. I actually tried the trapunto process with this at the advice of my friend Peggy Holt. 

Also after many years following Leah Day's blog and YouTube videos, I finally decided to buy one of her books just as a way I guess of thanking her for all of her free tutorials that she's provided through the years. I cannot wait to start stitching out some of these designs. I thought I had seen all of them and knew so many but I am humbled by her work. 

Have you purchased her book?  Every picture is in color!  I thought the price was reasonable considering they're all in color. If you can't figure out how she stitches them, you can go to to find all the tutorials. 

Thanks for stopping by. 


Mina said...

Very nice! I took this class last year and I have yet to finish mine. I may start over because my fabric choices didn't work out.

What Comes Next? said...

I really like your Wild Child - very nice, Mary. Lovely quilting. Good for you for finishing it. I so often take a workshop and then never complete the piece ­čśŁ

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