Saturday, May 7, 2011

The Doors of Aeroskobing.... Aeros Island, Denmark - August 2010

My life is so busy that I frequently forget some really monumental events in my life!  Thank goodness that we have digital photos to helps us remember.  I'm posting these photos to share and relive some of our incredible adventures that we've been fortunate enough to take the last couple years. 

We arrived at this little village on this little island via ferry.  It was pure chance that we found this place.  It's not a normal tourist place for the American, but I found it hidden away in a Denmark travel guide.  It is known for cycling, and is popular among Germans and Danes for a vacation retreat.  The ferry ride was fairly short, just one hour.  The ferry departs the mainland twice a day so we had to plan things just right.  Thank goodness I took a lot of pictures because I cannot remember much more statistical information about Aeros.  We had a great time cycling there.  The village is known for it's brightly painted homes.  I love taking pictures of doors.  Here are a few.

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Lois B said...

I love the door photos; they're so unique. It makes me wonder what's on the other side. Thanks for sharing your beautiful quilts too. I have done very little quilting, but I love the art form.


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