Saturday, February 9, 2013

Quilting a Comforter

Well, this was interesting.  My five year old grandson is sleeping in a queen bed and was using a small full size quilt I made him a couple years ago.  I pondered making a new quilt for him, but queen?  Oh my goodness, I thought about the time and expense, and honestly, it didn't make sense to create a true quilt.  I went to our town's version of a mall...  a KMart...  the only store we have in town other than a Home Depot and two grocery stores...but hey, I am not complaining... when we moved here we had none of the above!  They had the perfect comforter, navy blue, at a perfect price, $30!

I wish now I had planned this better, and might have skipped the flame borders.  Now, I do love them, I am just not 100% happy with the way they blend with the super huge meander in the center.  I toyed with the idea of no quilting in the center, just a few more stars, but that didn't seem the perfect fit either.

So, here it is, all done, and I am sure my little guy will LOVE this rocket and the flames and his name on it!  He is going to get the same flame fabric on his pillow cases.


Esther said...

Very clever! I think it all worked out very well,and well balanced. He will love it.

Furball Farm Quilting said...

What a great idea! It really has come up nice, and I'm with you, Queen size, for someone who is going to be changing his mind every month? Practical is what I'm all about!


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