Sunday, February 17, 2013

Watermarking Photos from IPad

I have been following a discussion on MQR about watermarking photos of your personal quilts.  One of the members found that her original design was reproduced by another quilter and posted on the web.  It was mentioned by several quilters that we watermark our photos.  I think it is a good idea, too.  I don't know that I will take the time to do that with each photo I post, but I will try today.  I am also testing this process from my iPad 1. I found a free watermarking app, SignatureOne Lite.  On my first attempt I found it very easy to use.  Then I uploaded the watermarked photo using a Picasa app.

Posting from an iPad can be a frustrating experience at times.  For instance, right now the cursor isn't visible so I just have to guess it is at the right spot and then start typing.  
I don't know how I feel about posting photos of my quilts and having them pinned on Pinterest.  It is flattering to find your work admired by others.  On the other hand, I have made a few original designs, and if I saw that someone had copied, let's just say, my wholecloth, for instance, and then entered it into shows and didn't note that it was a copy of a quilt made by myself,  I might be a little unhappy.  I have seen that a couple people pinned pictures of my quilts, but the pinners have all referred back to my blog and commented nice things, like "love Mary's border" or something to that effect.  I do really appreciate that.  

I think that almost all quilt patterns and designs are copied from something, be it a quilt in a store, a design in a carpet or on a blouse, etc.   I would be very unproductive if I couldn't see what others were creating, so I hope that people continue to post pictures of their work, and I plan n doing the same.  How about you?  Are you worried about someone copying your work?

Back to the iPad is acting so strange right now that I better get this posted before I lost it altogether.  I hope it works and the watermarked picture shows up.  Have a good day!

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Jocelyn said...

Mary, I am not a designer, however back when pinterest started, I asked that people please ask before pinning anything from my blog. No one ever did. I never signed up for Pinterest, but low and behold, once people started pinning, there was a pinterest with my blog name. I ended up contacting Pinterest and asking them to delete the account (as it was not mine) and they gave me a code to add to my blog which does not allow pinning. I know most people enjoy pinning, but I felt that it was taking and using without the owners permission or knowledge.


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