Thursday, February 23, 2017

Loving Life

I'm still limping along with blogger, but posting here is becoming more and more cumbersome.  It just doesn't like to work with my iPad, or my photos, but I'm persistent.     Life is good!  I've not been able to complete many projects that I can show at this time, but I've started plenty.  We've been doing a lot of traveling, too.  
The picture above  is one of the big Montana sky.  
This one is the view from our condo at Bear Lake in Utah.  So much snow this year!
This piece is a sample of playing around with paintsticks.  Meh.
A beautiful sunset from our room in Morro Bay.  I added a filter with my phone.  


What Comes Next? said...

Good for you for persevering! I'm afraid I've all but given up, for the reasons that you mention. Love your pictures, even the "meh" one!

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